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Our History

Tabora + Tabora landscape architects were founded by Fernando Tabora in 1997 following a long career in modern tropical landscape architecture.


In 1955 Fernando Tabora began his association with Roberto Burle Marx, one of the most important Latin American landscape architects. At that time, Atelier Roberto Burle Marx included renowned architects like Mauricio Monte, John Stoddart, Julio Cesar Pessolani, and Fernando Tabora. The relationship, which lasted ten years, produced magnificent projects like The Parque del Este in Caracas, Venezuela, and the Aterro do Flamengo in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  In 1965 Fernando Tabora and John Stoddart founded in Stoddart + Tabora Landscape Architecture in Caracas, Venezuela.

Stoddart + Tabora had a very important role in the development of landscape architecture in Latin America, participating in multiple projects of varying scales, introducing environmental planning.


Andres Tabora joined Stoddart + Tabora in 1990 and 1997 Fernando and Andres founded Tabora + Tabora Landscape Architects.


Tabora + Tabora continues the traditions of Stoddart + Tabora and Atelier Burle Marx, producing outstanding landscape architecture for commercial, residential, and tourism projects.

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